Longitude and Latitude Tools

Find the longitude and latitude of a place, distance between 2 points, etc

Longitude and Latitude Tools

Here are some longitude and latitude tools that you may find useful.

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
This is not strictly an address to longitude and latitude conversion tool, but is listed here for its sheer usefulness when you are looking for a place in the world. Enter the country or city name into this tool, and you get a whole lot of information about that place, the least of which is its longitude and latitude.

Longitude and Latitude Distance Calculator
This online tool allows you to find the distance between two points in the world. All you need is the longitude and latitude of those two places.

Virtual GPS
Another online tool that allows you to find the distance between two points in the world, given their longitude and latitude. You can also type the names of the places to have the online service compute the distance. The results include the distance (in statute miles, nautical miles and kilometres), the heading between the two locations, and some details about the two places, including their elevation.

ZIP Code to Longitude and Latitude
Do you have a US zip code that you want to have more information about? This tool not only converts the zip code to the longitude and latitude, but it tell you things like the time zone and other information.

UTM to Longitude and Latitude Converter
If you live in the US, you might have come across the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) system used in locating positions on USGS maps. This tool will allow you to convert the UTM coordinates to Longitude and Latitude coordinates.

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